HE(a)Ds UP!

never thought college will be so awesome like this. meeting incredible people, speak like a sir, act as a leader are things that just drive you made when you thinking of it, sebagai salah satu dari newbies yang berkubang di fakultas teknik unhas, distances does matter much but to call the word “PASSION” saya yakin pasti kita semua akan pergi walau it is such a distance.

today are never be the same anymore, gotta be more independent, determined, dedicated than i was tapi tetap to start from zero rasanya bedalah dengan sudah top of it but i put my foot on this that

“it is better to be raised as a noble man than to be born as one”

karena pengalaman taught many thing and its empirical saya yakin i’ll be better person than i was and surrounded by these amazing people will motivate me more-more-and-more.

bytheway onta act as external ministry member under dear senior ka ulfa … she is such a nice senior. and im partnering with kharji and winda as far as i know. but i believe there are 6 of us in external and i just met 3 of them

let mee present you guys some of photos of today. :

1. noob and boos

2. She says “Challenge Accepted!” 3. hand palm guys! SPIRIT!!



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